Monday, January 31, 2005

Death Note

Update: The link below does not work anymore. To read Deathnote please visit this site and this one.

What would you do if you acidentally find a mystical notebook that has the power to kill anyone you want just by writing their names within its pages? Highschool student Yagami Light is privy to such a notebook called Death Note and is using the notebook's powers to wipe out the world's criminal elements. Yagami's attempt to end the life of the criminals drastically sky rocketed the deathrate of the world, so the global authorities hires a mysterious detective called L to investigate and expose the unknown hand responsible for the murders.

Deathnote is a very popular shounen manga that is geared more towards suspense rather than action. The series is made by two people, one author (Ooba Tsugami) and one illustrator (Obata Takashi). This makes this comic story-centric and very original without sacrificing the art.

I have not read extensively of the manga yet but so far I'm enjoying the arc where Yagami and the mysterious L try to outwit each other. Who will make the first mistake?--I guess I'll have to read on.

If you want the latest buzz about Deathnote, visit Apparently Appalled for the latest updates and direct manga scanlation downloads of the series.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

What a mistake

I was fiddling with my blog template adding a statcounter install code. I was checking out the stats of this site but all I was getting was zero pageload activity. I realized that I installed the wrong code to this site so my hits were appearing on my old blog. Well I fixed it now so all none of you can behold my hits in all its glory (hehehe).

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Where to get GBA roms

Edit: This is one of the most popular topics in my old blog. These links will certainly help you find that GBA rom you are looking for.

Are you still looking for that Grand Theft Auto, Yu-gi-oh, Final Fantasy, The Sims, Lord Of The Rings, or that elusive Kingdom Hearts rom? Here's some site that you might want to check out for GBA roms:

Roms Web-log -- It's a blog about GBA roms. They have downloads and links to other sites with GBA roms.

White Wings -- A GBA rom site with the latest GBA games. You need to register to d/l. (I fixed the link, it's now working fine)

Huge list of GBA rom resources -- A lot of links here.

LastEnd -- Another GBA rom download site.

Games2Play -- This site closed without warning, it may just be down for the moment or closed forever. (Still no word from this site)

That's all folks.

Edit: I have to add Romulation. This site needs registration, but it has every ROM for a lot of consoles, including Nintendo DS ROMS, PSX ROMS, maybe even Saturn ROMS.

Impatience is not a virtue

My other site in Tripod is still getting hits close to 4k total with 33 hits a day. The reason for that is because, unlike this site, it's listed in Google. It seems like Google's robot spiders are not yet automatically listing me because the listing process only happens once a month. Well, that gives me a lot of time to post more content.

Next update will be links to sites with GBA roms.

New manga direct d/l site

The site is called Tenkai dot net. The site contains manga scanlations of Beck, Berserk, Bleach, Card captor Sakura, Change Guy, Chobits, Great Teacher Onizuka, Inu Yasha, Is, Kingdom Hearts, Koroshiya Ichi (Ichi The Killer), Minto Na Bokura, Ranma, Rurouni Kenshin, Salad Days.

All qualtiy titles here. Go check it out.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Traffic--26 steps to 15k a day

I saw this article in Kevin Rose's blog. The article is 26 Steps to 15k a Day, it's pretty dated take on how to get traffic for your site. I'm linking to it anyway 'coz this blog is like my homepage where I put links that interests me for easy access anywhere.

I'm trying to experiment on the amount of time it would take for this blog to have more than 2 hits a day.

Anyway, links to rom sites and manga scanlations sites will be next on my update.

Submitted site to directories

I have finished submitting my site to a lot of blog directories. In a few days I will surely be listed in Google.

Stay tuned for links on where you can get the latest GBA roms like Final Fantasy: Dawn of souls, Kingdom hearts, Yu-gi-oh, and a whole lot more. I will also update all of my imaginary readers on where to get direct downloads of manga scanlation.

Another manga scanlation update

The first manga scanlation site that I have found is called Direct manga. This site has gained a lot of popularity lately so the d/l has not been easy on their servers or to the users. Here's another manga scanlation site called Manga download that you could use as alternative to download some popular manga's.

Manga download has 666 Satan, AirGear, Black Cat, Blood The last vampire, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Fire Candy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Girls Bravo, Houshin Engi, Hunter X Hunter, My Name Is Zushio, Parallel, Pretty Face, Ragnarok, Yakitate Japan, Zetman. The comic library is not as huge as Manga direct but they do have some quality title. Go visit the site if you are into mangas.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Huge manga scanlations update

SileNTReApR said in the Direct manga forums that

Huge manga database, currently IRC only, but we are setting up the HTTP server now, and it will be ready soon.

I should say the IRC database probably has more manga than directmanga..we'll see (sic)

Update: Looks like their http servers are up. Warning, manga overload.

Here's a little new year special for all you manga scanlation lovers. The site is called Direct Manga , it's a site with direct HTTP download of mangas like Hikaru No Go, Zombie Powder, Naruto, One Piece, Gantz, Chobits, Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO), Hunter X Hunter, and many more. If you have been looking for titles that can only be downloaded in MIRC before, chances are, they have them here.

If you are new to manga scanlations then check out Manga News for an extensive database of licensed and unlicensed manga in their site. They have news of what titles are licensed or unlicensed, they have a full list of manga reviews, links to scanlators, and links to MIRC or HTTP so you can get your hands on a copy of the hottest unlicensed manga. This site is huge--5/5!

Apps for reading manga scans

Since manga should be read on real paper and not on a computer screen, here are some applications you can use to make reading scanlations a lot easier and fun. The next best thing to paper.

Here's some forum threads on how people like you and me view their manga:

1. Animesuki manga forum

2. Animepaper manga forum

I used some of the apps mentioned above, and here's my review to some of them:

1. Acdsee

Pros: This is the best general veiwer for images, very fast to booth. It has the all important zip and rar support, so you don't need to unzip your manga, just click and read on.

Cons: It is too bulky, bloated, and not really designed to read comics. It's not free.

2. Infranview

Pros: This is the best and fastest freeware image viewing application that is just a notch or two inferior to Acdsee. Free.

Cons: Does not support zip or rar archives. Since it's like Acdsee, it's also not really made to view comics/manga, so it's as awkward as Acdsee.

3. CDisplay

Pros: This app is specially made for reading scanned comics. It has zip, rar, and ace support. It has auto resizing of images to fit the height or width of your screen. Free.

Cons: It has bare bones interface that turned me off. Just note that a lot of people likes the no interface look, so it's just a matter of taste.

4. PicWalker

Pros: Fast all-around image viewer in the vain of Infranview. It has also an auto-bookmark function that is useful if you are reading comics and have to stop to do something else. Zip, rar, and ace support completes the package. Free.

Cons: It has problems (it does not display the comic) with archives that has other contents aside from images, like the text files to identify the scanlators of a particular title.

5. ComicsViewer [note: the site is in Chinese (or Jap maybe?) so if your browser (like mine) does not support these characters you will see some gibberish. This is not a big problem just click here for the english version of the app]

Pros: For me, this is the best manga veiwer of all. It has zip and rar support. It has a cool resizing engine that does not compromise the quality of the images. It has auto-bookmarking functions as well as manual bookmarking. It simply has a lot of functions to make your comics reading a pleasure. Try it dammit! Free.

Cons: The manual and help files are in Chinese (or Jap?), but if you have half a brain you don't need any help working this one out.

And that ends my round-up. Just note that this is not an exhaustive list, if you use other viewers then please leave your comment below.

This site is where I will share my interests

If you like anime/manga, comics, freeware software, emulation, rom information--then this site will be very helpful for you. I will share with you links to various interesting stuff. This site will be for things that I want to share with people.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

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