Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Online Manga Scanlation site - Read manga online

If you want the hottest online manga scanlations you should check out One Manga. They have 669 manga scanlations available for your online, manga reading pleasure.

They cover every genre from shonen & shoujo to josie & seinen. They even have 238 complete manga scanlations.

Another good online manga site is Manga Fox. It has almost the same collection as One Manga but it also has some ecchi stuff. Everything can be read for free but the mature stuff needs registration, as it should.

Click on the links above to scan the manga directory of this site. If you really need to read a particular manga, it's probably listed in their directory.

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Edit 2: No virus. Links are up again.

: I temporarily removed the link to OneManga because of possible malware infection to Windows users. I'm not sure about this and I'm not accusing anyone. Just be cautious if you're a Windows user.

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