Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Geekman tackles FF6

Geekman, a friend of mine is currently playing the Snes classic Final Fantasy VI. It's been a long time since he's played any 2D rpg's but he seems to be enjoying himself even though it's only on emulation.

The beauty of these 2D games rests solely on gameplay and story. Maybe it's not appropriate to compare FF6 to FF7 since both were conceive in a different eras of gaming.

Unfortunately, some people today shun the 2D classics like they were trash. This irks me so much. I see a lot of trash talk against FF6's bobble headed characters and how the graphics detract from the gameplay. How the hell can super deformed graphics detract from gameplay when gameplay is the only premium of that said game.

I'm no 2D Final Fantasy apologist or anything, but I believe not every 3D iteration of games are better than the older ones. I'm not arguing that there's a lack of great 3D titles out there, although kids love them graphical rich games.

What it comes down to is respect for legacy. Am I being overly dramatic? Maybe. Who cares, this is my homepage anyway.

Tell me, would there be an Oblivion without Arena? Would there be Counter Strike without Wolfenstein and Doom? No. So why the hate? Just because you can afford the next great console or that shiny new 8800 and a quad core doesn't give you the right to rag on old games.

So go ahead and play your Company of Heroes, your Supreme Commander or any such things. I'll just boot my old copy of MOO and X-Com for a weekend of ugly aesthetics, clunky control systems, but a good dose of genuine fun.

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