Monday, October 25, 2010

Chrome Addons - Screen Capture

Since formatting my EeePC 701 I opted to give XP the boot and give Jolicloud a try. Simply put, Jolicloud is an Ubuntu derivative (Jaunty) optimized for netbooks. And let me tell you, it really breathe a new life to my aging 701.

Since going Linux, I want to be as minimalistic as possible. So I choose web apps much more readily than local apps. One such minimalistic app is called Screen Capture by Google. As the name suggests, this app captures parts or whole web pages. It does not come as minimalistic as this since Screen Capture is a Chrome extension.

The app works great. As I said, it can capture the whole or visible parts of a webpage, it can annotate, redact, and circle webpage content. The screenshot on the left was made using Screen Capture. It's as easy as clicking the icon and choosing save.

If you are a Chrome user and you need to capture webpages, definitely give this app a try.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spiderman 2 - The Sinister 6 (GBC)

The Gameboy Color must be the most overlooked Nintendo handheld ever made. There are actually good GBC exclusive games like Dragon Warrior 3, Metal Gear Solid, and the Zelda Oracle games. As you know, I'm into less known games. I stumbled upon the Spiderman series for the GBC and I surprisingly enjoyed Spiderman 2.

I think that the controls for Spiderman 2 is very responsive. The sprite animation is fluid but does not compromise the speed at which you need to execute moves. The game overall is like an action RPG. You gain skills as you kill bad guys in this game.

The story is pretty much trivial. You are Spiderman, they are the Sinister 6, go get 'em. In this game, you really don't need much of a story to enjoy the experience. The levels are not that great, but the boss fights are at least a bit interesting, though sometimes you need to die a few times to establish the pattern of the bosses. That's fine, it adds a bit to the challenge of the game. And believe me, it needs the challenge since most of it is not that hard to beat.

If you have a GBC or an emulator, I suggest that you give this title a try. It's pretty mediocre but it's loads of fun swinging around New York as Spidey.
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