Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Radia Senki: Reimeihen - English patch & NES rom

Chronicle of the Radia War - Find the Japanese ROM and Patch it. Play it on a NES emulator.

This little NES game is an RPG way ahead of its time. I've been playing this more than crappy PSX RPGs out there.

Radia Senki or Chronicle of Radia War is a Japanese only release made by the awesome people at Tecmo. It's best played on an emulator with an english patch.

The game is the basic noble guy with a big-ass sword, destined to rescue the kingdom from evil people. Yeah, the story sucks but the gameplay is classic. The mechanics of this game will be copied by games like Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean.

Here's my take on this game:

Story: The game starts with an awesome cut-scene of two air ships dog fighting. This is the freaking NES we're talking about here. It's that impressive.

The story over-all is pretty generic and sucky at times. Watch the intro below and tell me that it's not a programming marvel during its time.

Gameplay: This is where this game really shines. You control the main dude in real-time, like Link in Zelda. You have companions of up to 4 at the most during combat. You control your companions strategically in the game menu where you can set their attitude to be physical, magical, aggressive, defensive or laid-back.

I have to mention that Radia Senki is somewhat realistic for a NES game. For example, you will only get meat or bones when you kill monsters. You can sell these spoils to shops for money. When you kill people, you will get money, as you should. It's so refreshing to have this kind of realism in a console RPG.

Graphics: The super deformed sprites look great for this game. The game has a tone that takes itself a bit seriously in some places but the chibbi look does not detract from this kind of tone.

The art work for the character portraits are awesomely done.

Sound: Music is standard NES fare, repetitive and annoying. It's not bad but I just zone out the music.

Bottom-line: Nice and fun game. I will definitely finish this game when I find the time. This is better than a lot of crap coming out today.

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Click this link to download the English version of Radia Senki.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Soon to come or maybe not at all

That's right, mother-bitches!

Some minor changes soon to come...or maybe not at all...

Stay tuned...or not...I don't really care...

A lot of fucking ellipsis in this post...

That pic on the left is a middle finger held high for all of you.
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