Sunday, July 24, 2005

Trying out Linux

I recently had the time to try Linux. The distro I'm using is called Damn Small Linux (DSL). Since I'm on dial-up, DSL is the only live cd distro that I can download. Initially I wanted to try out Knoppix, but it's 700mb. DSL is just about 48-49mb, just burn the image on a CD and you're good to go.

I must say Linux is fun to tinker with but the only problem is that I have no background in Linux or the Linux file system. Without all the basic knowledge, problems like accessing my hard drive became a chore. Also, I wasn't able to surf the internet because: (A) I can't seem to figure out how to setup PPPdial..Or (B) It could be because my modem is a Winmodem.

Even with all of these quirks, DSL loaded on my PC without any hitch. In fact, I was able to make RTF files using the bundled wordprocessor. The distro also has a spreadsheet, Mozilla Firefox, and a host of other useful stuff. All these are packed into a 50mb business card style CD.

I'm not gonna totally abandon my XP machine for Linux...Yet, but I'm surely gonna scour the net for a more user-friendly distro.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Creative Commons useless?

If you notice a small picture below the footer of this blog, you will see a Creative Commons (CC) copyright statement. This CC is used as copyright protection for the content in this site. But according to John C. Dvorak, tech journalist and a former show host on the old ZDTV, this CC fad does nothing but complicate the whole "Fair Use" law. He stated:

Will someone explain to me the benefits of a trendy system developed by Professor Lawrence Lessig of Stanford? Dubbed Creative Commons, this system is some sort of secondary copyright license that, as far as I can tell, does absolutely nothing but threaten the already tenuous "fair use" provisos of existing copyright law. This is one of the dumbest initiatives ever put forth by the tech community. I mean seriously dumb. Eye-rolling dumb on the same scale as believing the Emperor is wearing fabulous new clothes.

It doesn't matter to me if Dvorak is right or wrong because I believe (I'm not sure) that in the Philippines there's no fair use law. I wonder how CC really affects people outside of America.

Update: Here's another article made by Ben Adida that answers Dvorak's article point for point. He basically explained that CC does not render fair use useless.

He hates Kris Aquino

Personally, I have nothing against actress/presidential daughter, Kris Aquino. But this guy in hates her so much to prod him to produce a hate page. In his site he said:
If you're a KRIS AQUINO fan looking for a devoted page, you've found it ... but you won't like it. If, however, you pray nightly for some divine force to inflict an evil curse upon this ambitious girl that forces them to never again appear in public, you're in the right place. This is a KRIS AQUINO Hate Page. This page is a place to express your hatred for the most incredible waste of molecules ever to walk the Earth, so if you're a fan, best leave now and return to your Play-Doh. Now, I'm assuming at this point that anyone who will take offence at the contents of this page have left, but just in case you're still here, let me make something clear; if you don't like what I'm saying, ignore me. This is just my opinion, and I'm not asking you to agree with it. It would be a waste of both bandwidth and time to send me E-mail saying "you suck", or "you must be gay", so don't bother. Any mail of that nature recieved will be ritually ripped to pieces on this page for everyone else to have a bloody good laugh at. That aside, I welcome all comments and criticism, but make it constructive and well reasoned.
This site is so full of child-like hate it makes it entertaining. Warning to the kiddies--this page contains foul language. So if you are a Kris hater or lover, you gotta check this site out. The author promises to remodel the site for all of us too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm still alive

Hi friends!

It's been a long time since I posted (not that anyone cares), but I will still post regularly as soon as I find a new job. Business has been going in some rough stuff. We'll probably sell the cart after we break even. That's not any of your problem though.

Anyway, I might change the content of this site or I might do more manga and comics stuff. I haven't decided anything concrete yet. I'm not planning to close down this site, Blogger has been a very good host. Plus, I want to have an online presence. What better way to be online than to have a homepage. Like I said on my "about" in the front page--this blog is my homepage.

Here's a link to my current favorite site site is a technology site that is all user based. Think of it as a kind of Slashdot tech news site combined with the social bookmarking of The community is still growing but the system is quite mature for a new kid on the block.

Gotta go!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ras Al Ghul

I finally watched Batman Begins. The movie's take on the Dark Knight is very interesting. I liked the fight scenes, the way Batman fought like a predator is very refreshing than the rest of the other movies.

The only problem with the movie is that they made a grave mistake of pronouncing Ras Al Ghul's first name i.e. Ras. Contrary to the movie pronounciation, Ras is not pronounced as it is spelled. The pronounciation of Ras should be Raze.

If you read Trinity, Bizarro calls Ras Al Ghul, Razercool. So it sounds like Raze than Ras.

Another proof of this pronounciation is from Batman Beyond. Mcginnis called Ras the same as in the movie, but he was corrected by Talia that the pronounciation was Raze.

The movie was almost a perfect depiction of Batman, but I just can't help from cringing every time Ras' name was pronounced.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Retro games

I like retro games and I have some links for you.

Stargunner - This is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up game. This free game has awesome graphics and classic gameplay. Are you skilled enough to survive in this game?

Scorched3d - Remember the DOS game Scorched Earth? Well, this one is a full 3D remake of that game.

For more freeware games, open source games, and remakes visit Abandonia Reloaded.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

How to Burn Xbox Games and Copy Protected CDs

From Digg

Learn about how easy it is to burn Xbox games and other copy protected CDs. This article will teach you how to burn just about anything by just using everyday kitchen equipment.

I didn't know it was this easy to do. Pirates rejoice! ;)

Want a good laugh?

This post is from Attu (WARNING: NSFW).

Paris Hilton has announced that she wants her upcoming wedding to Paris Latsis to take place in London's Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral or Windsor Castle.

However, since the fact that she isn't actually royalty could prove a slight problem, she has apparently written to Prince Charles seeking permission. quote her as saying: "I've always wanted to be a princess on my big day and only a wedding in England could make that happen.

"I've got my heart set on a ceremony at St Paul's or Westminster, but I've had to write to the Prince to ask for a dispensation because I don't qualify.

"But the actual event is going to have a royal theme and London is the only place to do that. I'm the closest thing to American royalty anyway."

Gyahahahaha! The closest thing to American ROYALTY. That's the funniest thing I've read all week.

Here's some reader comments:

if her head gets any bigger her neck will snap....hmmmm....
Flybar | Email | Homepage | 07.03.05 - 2:01 am | #

You're right Flybar! Quick! Someone tell her how she's so lucky to be Paris Hilton or how she is way prettier than all those common super-model-people-thingys. That should make it snap!
Ken Moore | Email | Homepage | 07.03.05 - 3:02 am | #

If you mean royalty in the sense that royals are total aneorexic sluts, I guess she is the closest thing to royalty in the US of A.
E. Lee | Email | Homepage | 07.03.05 - 3:21 am | #

Why not have the ceremony in a Hilton hotel kitchen? If she's such hot stuff that is were it should be done.

or better yet, just shut up, Paris
Dennis | Email | Homepage | 07.03.05 - 4:31 am | #

I have a pimple on my ass that is more royal than she is.
Edweirdo | Email | Homepage | 07.03.05 - 5:59 am | #

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Direct d/l your fave anime

According to Eikiro of Direct Manga a Direct Anime is in the works. Direct Manga will now offer direct downloads of animes. This is a great service, except that DM has that occasional but annoying pop-ups and pop-unders.

I hope they can serve the anime by episodes so that the d/l on my dial-up won't be that long.

Update: The new Direct Manga/Direct Anime is now up.
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