Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ras Al Ghul

I finally watched Batman Begins. The movie's take on the Dark Knight is very interesting. I liked the fight scenes, the way Batman fought like a predator is very refreshing than the rest of the other movies.

The only problem with the movie is that they made a grave mistake of pronouncing Ras Al Ghul's first name i.e. Ras. Contrary to the movie pronounciation, Ras is not pronounced as it is spelled. The pronounciation of Ras should be Raze.

If you read Trinity, Bizarro calls Ras Al Ghul, Razercool. So it sounds like Raze than Ras.

Another proof of this pronounciation is from Batman Beyond. Mcginnis called Ras the same as in the movie, but he was corrected by Talia that the pronounciation was Raze.

The movie was almost a perfect depiction of Batman, but I just can't help from cringing every time Ras' name was pronounced.
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