Friday, November 21, 2008

Nokia 128x128 - s40 games

Hello all of you with old Nokia s40 handsets. I have a treat for you today. I just found some sites with new 128x128 - s40 games for you to enjoy for free.

1. Getjar - A lot of free games and commercial games you can buy.

2. Peperonity - Quite a lot of new games here. Where the heck did this guy get his free stuff?

3. Howard Forums - Great cellphone forum for all mobile phones. Quite a lot of games here. You can search the forum for more games other than this one thread.

4. Nokia Gamez - Quite a lot of s40 games and a lot of other games for modern phones.

5. Nokia Special - New games like Gangstar Crime City and Casino Royale for s40 - 128x128 Nokia phones. Also has a lot of other games for modern Nokia models.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Operation Pedopriest

This game is so wrong on all levels, sigh. Play this thing calls this game Diner Dash with child rape. Why the heck would you waste time to create a game with such a theme? Shock value, maybe?

I did not even play this one, like I did not play Super Columbine Massacre. Just read the Play this thing review of this game. They are better games journalist anyway.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

DoomRL - Doom the Rogue Like

Look at that screenshot. It's the marine (you) with a shotgun against a former human. That is DoomRL or Doom the Rogue Like. I love this game, I've been playing this non-stop when I have free time. I still can't finish the darn thing because I find it difficult, but I still slug on and delve deeper to get out of the demon infested base.

Some of the features:

1. Original Doom II music and sound effects.

2. Fallout-ish perks at every level up.

3. Turn based gameplay presented in an action packed way.

4. Text mode only! (Yes this is a feature.)

5. Very fun too play. (This is also a feature.)

I have to say that this is the first rogue like that really got me interested in the genre. I know, it's pathetic, but hey, better late than never, right?

The farthest I got here, I think is level 7 after the Hell Arena. I got killed by 3 imps with plasma blasters. I'm not sure if the imps had blasters, it could be just radioactive vomit. I can't tell from the graphics, sorry.

Dual boot any Linux Distro with Unetbootin

This will be a short post. I see a lot of Linux newbies searching my site on how to dual boot or install Puppy Linux inside Windows XP.

The quick answer is to just use Unetbootin. It's a universal net boot installer for Linux.

1. Download the ISO for a linux distro.

2. You can use the built-in downloader of Unetbootin, too.

3. Just install to a USB drive or to your hard drive. Unetbootin will do a safe frugal install of the Distro if you choose your HD.

Try it out and see how safe and fast it is to get into Linux when dual booting with Windows XP.
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