Friday, August 31, 2007

My top 10 favorite podcasts

I've been there since the start of podcasting.  Even before I had an MP3 player I would listen to podcasts from my PC.  I actually stopped watching TV because I only watch or listen to podcasts all day.  Over the years I have my share of podcast hit and misses.  Here's a list of my most favorite podcasts in the net.

1.    TWIT 
2.    Buzz Out Loud
3.    Digital Life TV
4.    PCgamer Podcast
5.    Geeknights
6.    Game theory
7.    Comicology
8.    East meets West
9.    Net at Nite
10.  MP3 insider

Do you have your own favorite podcast?  Please share it with us if it's any good. 

Maxthon + Blogex + IeSpell = goodbye FF

I've been using an IE shell called Maxthon since it was MYIE.  I find it very functional and responsive, just right for my power-surfing needs.  I know it's IE and I know the dangers of surfing with IE.  Hey, I live on the razor edge all the time anyway--not really.  But Maxthon just kicks Firefox's butt out of contention.  Maxthon opens faster, has a smaller memory footprint, has plug-ins, and a lot of stuff that I can't enumerate here. 

The big minus for Maxthon is the IE engine, but soon that will be solved when Maxthon version 2 will support the Gecko engine.  I'm not holding my breath, but whatever, it could still happen.  I have nothing against Firefox except my computer is about 10 years old and can barely run the damn thing. 

I love Firefox, but Maxthon is much more practical for me to use as of now.  In fact, I'm blogging right now with Maxthon using Blogex 1.2.0., plus IeSpell.  That's all I need in my browser.  So if you love to live in constant fear of viruses and spyware, join us Maxthonites.  I love to live dangerously.

Note:  Maxthon is actually much safer than plain-vanilla IE since it has patched most of IE's flaws.   

Metal Gear - can't get into it

I had a long post earlier but my trial version of Blogjet F’ed it up. I had to edit this crap using a Maxthon extension called Blogex.  It looks great...I think.

My post was about not being any good playing action games.  Metal Gear was not very actiony, but the damn sneaking around was killing me. 

Damn it, Blogjet is just not dial-up friendly.  It really screwed up a good post.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Retro gaming trip


After Zelda I'll be playing that MGS1 for the MSX2. Everyone who knows Metal Gear history will agree that the NES Metal Gear was just not at par with the MSX version.

The emulator used above is RuMSX .40, a really good freeware MSX emulator. Just google it or go to to download the emulator.

I've never been really good with action games, but I'll give this a try. And for those of you who say that Zelda is an RPG eat this.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zelda 1 - done and done

Oi, Zelda rocks! Finally finished the darn thing. This game is huge at about 128 screens all in all and about 125 of them you can access without any equipment. The start of the game basically dumps you in front of a cave. FTW! What the hell are you supposed to do? There's no instructions other than a thin plot Uwe Boll will be proud of.

So I got me some FAQS and a map and just basically followed the FAQ almost to the letter. I must say, without the FAQ, the map, and the save state of emulators, I wouldn't have finished this game. It's that hard--at least for me.

See that dust to the right of Link? That's the remains of Ganon after eating one silver arrow. Don't mess with an elf carrying a silver arrow, you bastards!

Edit: Imageshack lost my screenshots.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crystalis cracked

Finished Crystalis

Yup, I finished Crystalis at last. It was a hard and arduous journey but well worth it. I must say that I wouldn't have finished this game without the save state technology of emulators. It's that tough. Then again, I'm not the best video game player.

Crystalis has paved the way for me to try Zelda. A lot of people in the net suggests that if you like Crystalis, then you'll surely love the Zelda games. So next target for me is Zelda 1.

I've been playing Zelda 1 and I'm enjoying it. It's not about bragging rights, I really do like it. I'll keep on playing it 'till I get tired of it or 'till I finish it.

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Dresden Files - not Harry Potter

I recently finished books 1 and 2 of the Dresden files and I loved it. The Dresden files is a fantasy novel set in the rich back-drop of modern day Chicago. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a modern day wizard schooled by the White Council in the arcane arts. Imagine a wizard/private investigator fighting vampires, trolls, and werewolves in the bustling city of Chicago. Add to that the complication of working as a wizard with the mob breathing down your back.

I'm not gonna spoil anything here, but all in all, the Dresden files is a fun read. Much like reading a Buffy: the vampire slayer novelization just with more testosterone and boobietude. This is not your nephew's Harry Potter book. 'Nuff said.

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