Friday, August 31, 2007

My top 10 favorite podcasts

I've been there since the start of podcasting.  Even before I had an MP3 player I would listen to podcasts from my PC.  I actually stopped watching TV because I only watch or listen to podcasts all day.  Over the years I have my share of podcast hit and misses.  Here's a list of my most favorite podcasts in the net.

1.    TWIT 
2.    Buzz Out Loud
3.    Digital Life TV
4.    PCgamer Podcast
5.    Geeknights
6.    Game theory
7.    Comicology
8.    East meets West
9.    Net at Nite
10.  MP3 insider

Do you have your own favorite podcast?  Please share it with us if it's any good. 

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