Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors

Dragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors is a GBC game based on the anime. The story covers the Saiyan saga up to the Buu saga.

Gameplay is card based. You get cards you can play every turn. You have a fighting turn and a defensive turn. Your cards can be beam attack or beam defense, physical attack and physical defense. Most of the time, you can memorize how the AI plays its cards. This means you can counter with the perfect physical defense or beam defense at almost any given time.

The predictability of the AI does not ruin the game, though. I have to admit that I played the game to completion in just a couple of days. And FYI, I have a day job. That is how fun this game is for me.

If you have a Dingoo or a GBC, play this game. It's worth the time and effort.

Get the game ROM here.
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