Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The biggest Opera news!

Opera is now free! Ad free, banner free, license free! FREE damn it! Get it!

Click here.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Rex Mundi

Rex Mundi is an original comic book miniseries from Image Comics. It is a tale of murder, sin and redemption in a world where magic is real and the Catholic Church never lost its grip on power.

This comic book is excellent. Thanks to Geekman who introduced me to this excellent mini-series. I have read the first twelve issues and I feel that this is one of the most well written comic book today.

After I pick up Nydia (she also loves the series), we’ll probably go to Filbars and try to hunt for issues 13 and 14.

Friday, September 09, 2005

My real name


My real name is Lanber.  Not that you care.  Yesterday, I did a stupid vanity search for my name, and I found the logo above.

Read the company profile of the logo:

Since it was founded, more than 40 years ago, LANBER ARMAS has always been in constant evolution, studying and redesigning, day by day, new mechanisms, parts and designs to improve its different ranges of shotguns. Its central focus is on the care taken with every detail, adjusting its production processes to a perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology, accumulated experience and the skill and expertise of its master craftsmen. This philosophy has printed its unique character on the firm, the Lanber high quality style that has provided it with its exclusive internationally acknowledged prestige.

The company emerged in 1962 in Zaldibar under the name of G. Zabala y C�a, S.A., to later be renamed LANBER ARMAS, S.A. in order to gain access to the international market. In 1980 it became the leading Spanish company in the exportation of under and over shotguns. It currently exports 80% of its production and is present on the most important international markets (USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc.).

In 1982, the American Firearms Industry, in conjunction with the National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers, awarded LANBER ARMAS the prize for Product Merit for the incorporation of LANBERCHOKES interchangeable choke tubes in under and overs. In that same year, production of repeater o semi automatic shotguns began.

I'm an arms dealer now?  Hehe, funny and unexpected stuff on the net. 

Thursday, September 01, 2005

E-Vat walang binatbat

I don't like posting political bullshit in this blog, but this time, I just can't help it:

The Supreme Court of the Philippines, the last bastion of justice in our country, just approved the E-Vat bill.

THE SUPREME Court on Thursday upheld the legality of a crucial tax measure aimed at addressing the country's chronic deficit, officials said.

"The court, by a majority vote...upheld the constitutionality of Republic Act No. 9337 in its entirely," the court decision states. The High Tribunal voted 15-0, although there were some dissenting opinions, a court official told Agence France Presse.

However, the court ruled that the temporary restraining order (TRO) on the implementation of the new VAT law stays until the ruling becomes final.

Those who opposed the measure are given 15 days to file their motion for reconsideration.

Poor Juan Dela Cruz, you will again be the one to carry the goverment's inefficiency on your shoulders. I really feel sorry for the Philippines, because the only idea that a supposed economist can conjure up is to give the burden of the national debt to the people.

If you are pro E-Vat, you're probably a moron or a filthy-rich citizen, drinking cognac in one of your alta sociedad parties.

Taxation is only good if the money goes back to the people, not in the pockets of merciless grafters. What kind of an animal are you when you steal from the poor just to buy your million peso rest house? You're the kind of animal that I would love to hunt down.

Gloria, you lying, scum sucking, cheating piece of crap. I suggest that you put what little brain you've got in stopping corruption. Read this, you pompous, little brat:

I would like to point out two glaring facts that must enrage every self-respecting Filipino who loves his country and his family, and who has any hope left. "The government lost about $48 billion to corruption over a 20-year period, according to a World Bank Study in 2000. Morgan Stanley Research placed the losses at $204 billion between 1965 and 2001. The amount of $204 billion translates roughly into P12 trillion. If they say that our consolidated public sector debt today is about P5.39 trillion, we would have had no debt. Instead, we would have a surplus of around P6.5 trillion. If the losses to corruption amounted to only half, or if we were only "half corrupt," we still would have been one of the richest nations in Asia. (Link)
I bet you won't touch on irradicating graft and corruption even if you had to. Why?--short answer is big Mike and baby Mikey.
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