Sunday, November 27, 2005

My favorite comics writer

My idol, Chuck.

One of my childhood dream is to become a comic book artist. When I was younger, I usually read the common Superman, Batman, and Spiderman comics. Reading them filled me with a sense of adventure that no other medium can ever do.

In the early days I admired artists like Kirby, Ditko, Buscema and other great comic artist. In the 80's to the 90's, there was luminaries like Byrne, Romita, Ross and the young guns like Lee, McFarlane, Liefield and artists from Image.

The rise of Image, with all there stunning visuals, made me realize that a comic book is not just about great aesthetics. Image comics, though made by great artists, didn't click with me because of the shallow charaterizations and overall crappy writing. This made me admire comic writers toe-to-toe with comic artists.

The man above is my favorite comics writer, Chuck Dixon. Dixon put a spell on me when he took the reigns of Robin, some Batman titles, and Nightwing. Sure, he may not have won any Eisner, but he epitomizes a writer who can show you why you love comics in the first place.

Mr. Dixon, thanks for the incredible stories that has made some of the worst days of my life a little bit tolerable. Thanks for bringing back some life to the characters that I love. And lastly, thanks for inspiring me to write.

I hope to goodness that you get back to the Bat titles. Well, maybe you won't go back since you have a lot of independent or freelance stuff in the works, but hey, I can dream. [Edit: Hmmm. I think he's back in DC, but I bought some Robin comics last week and he wasn't the writer...]
Now get back to your typewriter and spin us fans a good yarn!

25 greatest comic covers

This site, Atlas comics, made a cool list of the greatest comic covers of all time. Check out this great selection and stroll back in the shoes of past greats.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I"s manga--starring: a romantic pervert


Warning to kiddies: This series was released in Japan Weekly Shonen Jump, but it contains a lot of fan service and a little nudity.

I"s is a high school love story of a boy who just can't do anything right when he is with his crush.

Ichitaka Seto is your typical Japanese high schooler. He is in love with his school mate Iori for the longest time, but he was unable to make any romantic move on her, 'coz she is the most sought after girl in their school.

Hopeless romantic Ichitaka is very much in love with the girl, but instead of impressing her, he seems to fall into perverted situations that make any attempt at romance gravitate towards disaster.

It's not all comedy. Some scenes make you want to root for Ichitaka, while others can make you hate some of his blunderings. All in all, a very entertaining read.

Last note: I have no idea where my friend Geekman got this manga.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A great start page

The site is called Protopage and it's awesome. It is designed using AJAX with the purpose of putting links and sticky notes in one little website, for easy access. I have tried other start pages like and Netvibes. Both sites are great, but Protopage owns them.

The Protopage site is basically filled with a combination of movable sticky notes and links panel.
The beauty of this site is its customizability. You can make it look like whatever you want. Just put some links, notes or reminders on the page and you can position it anywhere you want.
You can add pictures for wallpapers or your personal pictures. Plus, it can even run an RSS feed for your news fix.

If you work as an internet researcher, this page is a big help. Just go and visit the site now. You can try the service free of charge, and I know you will like it.
Free and useful--a great combination.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Windupdate malware


I rarely ever use our family PC, but when my own PC crashed yesterday (Thanks Mr. Gates!) I was forced to use it.

I opened the family PC and lo and behold, malware alerts started popping out of the Microsoft Antispyware. The malware was identified as Winadtools or Windupdate, a trojan/malware that I thought I removed from our family PC last year. Yeah, you heard it--last year.

The family PC was not completely paralyzed, but it turned into a semi-zombie PC, sending out and downloading stuff without permission. It disabled the anti-virus updater and it disabled firewall protection. Damned, it wasn't pretty.

So instead of surfing for pleasure, I was forced to find ways to remove this pest. The link below is a guide I found on how to remove this damned program from your system.

This is a link to WDLsoftware. Sincere thanks to you guys for showing the trick to removing this useless crap.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

One Piece - My new fave

One Piece Gang
This is one of the most popular manga/anime in the world. The comic and cartoon is still on-going in Japan, a testament to it's popularity.

One Piece is a story of a boy, Luffy D. Monkey, and his ambition to become the King of all pirates. Along his quest he meets different people--a skilled swordsman/bounty hunter named Roronoa Zorro; Nami, a greedy thief who has a knack for navigation; Yusop, a great liar who has an affinity for inventing; Sanji, a bad ass warrior cook; Chopper, a sentient deer who is also a skilled physician; and Robin, former member of Baroque Works.

Together, the gang sets sail to unknown seas in Grand Line spelunking into high adventure in every turn.

On another note, the debates in the web between Naruto fans and One Piece fans are absurd. The two are both Shonen but everyone can enjoy both series without fighting which series is better.

Anyway, if you want to read the manga of One Piece, just use my search box to find manga scanlation links.

Go here and here for One Piece manga scanlation links.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I've added a better search facility

Pico search
I tried the damn nav bar search of this blog and it stinks. No wonder visitors of this page can't find some of my links using the beta search facility of Blogger.
Anyway, I found a great service that will index the content of my blog. Pico Search is a remote search engine that indexes all the pages in your site. This makes it easier to find stuff in your site, obviously. Since Blogger is not yet implementing categories (or a good search tool), then a good search engine must be handy for people so they can find stuff that they are looking for in your site. If visitors don't find the links or information that brought them to your site in the first place, then they'll probably just leave your site disgusted.
Just scroll a bit down to see my new search bar. I've tested it by searching manga links in this blog--it work's great.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pretty face-Interesting story

Pretty Face

Pretty face is a manga by Yasuhiro Kano, printed in the Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan.

The comic is about Rando, a bad ass karate champion who injured his face in a vehicle accident. When he woke up, he found himself looking like a girl because the plastic surgeon needed to reconstruct his face. The surgeon did not know his real face, so the doctor took liberties and just reconstructed his face using a picture in the wallet of Rando. Unfortunately, the picture was Rina, Rando's long time crush. Hilarity ensues when Rina insisted that Rando was her long lost twin sister.

You can read Pretty Face here.

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