Thursday, November 17, 2005

I"s manga--starring: a romantic pervert


Warning to kiddies: This series was released in Japan Weekly Shonen Jump, but it contains a lot of fan service and a little nudity.

I"s is a high school love story of a boy who just can't do anything right when he is with his crush.

Ichitaka Seto is your typical Japanese high schooler. He is in love with his school mate Iori for the longest time, but he was unable to make any romantic move on her, 'coz she is the most sought after girl in their school.

Hopeless romantic Ichitaka is very much in love with the girl, but instead of impressing her, he seems to fall into perverted situations that make any attempt at romance gravitate towards disaster.

It's not all comedy. Some scenes make you want to root for Ichitaka, while others can make you hate some of his blunderings. All in all, a very entertaining read.

Last note: I have no idea where my friend Geekman got this manga.
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