Saturday, October 24, 2015

Silent Hill: Play Novel - Playable in Browser

Silent Hill: Play Novel is a GBA visual novel spin-off of the famous horror franchise. The GBA version was not released in North America, hence no English translation exists.

However, I stumbled upon this browser based adaptation of the game here. I tried it for a few minutes, but I did not finish it, seeing as I'm not really into visual novels.

But maybe you are. Give it a shot. By the way, the game is in beta so expect bugs.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

CloudReady - An Easy Way to Install Chrome OS via USB

I originally saw CloudReady from Lifehacker.

But I think the video above is a great demo. It's a complete walk-through of where to download the OS up to installation.

I already have my 8GB USB drive burnt with the CloudReady Chrome OS. If you like the concept of Chrome OS and would like to try out a live USB version, watch the video above.

Btw, the live USB can install to SSD or HDD, but be careful and backup everything before doing this, as it erases the drives completely.

Sorry, no dual-boot yet.  

Interesting Business Idea Framework

I always liked the style of the guys.

They really give the feel that they're always organized and systematized in attacking business questions. I like Corbett Barr among the four as he seems to be deep into the processes more than anyone else in the team.

What I got out of this video is the 9 Essential Questions to Choose a Business Idea. If you are interested in business or online business in particular, you need to watch this video.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ipega Bluetooth Portable Game Controller Mini Review

Bought this thing from Lazada. I suggest if you are in the Philippines to buy from Lazada and avoid Dealextreme. Why? Because Lazada will ship in a couple of days, while DX probably 1 or 2 months.

No contest.

I love this controller. It's cheap and durable. The best thing about it is that it works. What do you want me to say? It's a controller, it controls via bluetooth. That's it. It works.

I used this thing on a few Android console emulators. It works great on GBA emulators, Genesis, SNES, NES, and even the free Playstation Portable (PSP) emulator.

I have not tried this on a DS emulator because, well, the DS requires a touch screen for most of its games anyway. And I don't want to shell out for Drastic (the only decent DS emulator). 

Also, the controller will not work flawlessly with the PS1 or PSX emulators because it lacks 2 shoulder pads. I don't know how much hassle that is, but frankly, I don't care because I prefer the PSP emulator better than the PS1, anyway.  

How to Discover Profitable Clickbank Products

A short video I cooked up on how to discover profitable Clickbank products to promote. 

It's really short and you'll learn things like gravity and other fine barometers of a great CB product. 

I think I'll create more explainer videos in the future. It's a fun little project and I'm learning video editing from it. Win-win situation for me.

DTC GT9-R12 is a Piece of Crap

This DTC mobile phone is a piece of crap.

The camera is okay. But I'm not really into that. 

The processor is 1ghz dual core? Maybe. I've not really tested.

The screen is big, but the resolution is just standard.

As you can see, I'm not really delving deep into it. I bought this thing years ago, and I'm only "reviewing" it just now. No real reason why, it's just what it is.

Anyway, the biggest problem of this phone is the internal memory. It is less that 200MB. E 'di wow! You can't fit much into this. Hell, I needed to uninstall Google Play updates just to keep the internal memory from filling up.  

Conclusion: Don't buy this one.

Capsule Review Cyberlords Arcology (Android)

(This post has been updated)

For folks who enjoyed the SNES and the Megadrive Shadowrun games, this Android game is for you.

I'm currently playing the ad-supported version of Cyberlords and so far I'm enjoying it. This game is a knock off of Shadowrun, and not in a bad way.

You control 4 characters with different skill sets. You can equip them and even give them cybernetic enhancements to make them stronger. As with Shadowrun, you take missions, but this time, from random people (not just Johnsons).

You kill enemies. You gain experience. Like I said, an almost perfect copy of Shadowrun with the convenience of touch UI and cool stylized graphics.

If you like cybernetics, running, and shadows--get this game now! There is a free ad-supported version and a paid no-ads option in the Playstore.
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