Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Capsule Review Cyberlords Arcology (Android)

(This post has been updated)

For folks who enjoyed the SNES and the Megadrive Shadowrun games, this Android game is for you.

I'm currently playing the ad-supported version of Cyberlords and so far I'm enjoying it. This game is a knock off of Shadowrun, and not in a bad way.

You control 4 characters with different skill sets. You can equip them and even give them cybernetic enhancements to make them stronger. As with Shadowrun, you take missions, but this time, from random people (not just Johnsons).

You kill enemies. You gain experience. Like I said, an almost perfect copy of Shadowrun with the convenience of touch UI and cool stylized graphics.

If you like cybernetics, running, and shadows--get this game now! There is a free ad-supported version and a paid no-ads option in the Playstore.
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