Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dragon Warrior 4 (NES) - Retro Capsule Review

When I finished Dragon Warrior 3 for the Gameboy Color, I was convinced that this series is on equal footing with the classic Final Fantasy games. Now that I'm close to finishing Dragon Warrior 4 for the NES, I can safely say that this series lives up to the hype. Dragon Warrior 4 is the best Dragon Warrior for the NES I have played so far. Just to be clear, I have not played Dragon Warrior VII for the Playstation or Dragon Warrior 9 for the DS yet. I only played the Gameboy versions and the NES versions. That said, I have no regrets playing the NES versions. Sure, the controls are a bit clunky and old fashioned, but everything else holds up - especially the story.

Speaking of story, Dragon Warrior 4 might be the first RPG that splits the plot into chapters. In this game you have 4 chapters and you play different characters in each one.

Note: This review was cut short due to my own fault. I was playing the game and I was near the end of it but I had to stop due to real life getting in the way. So here you have the abrupt ending to this article. Sorry.

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