Tuesday, August 30, 2005

No basketball in SEAG?

Philippine sport leaders are sure getting very intelligent as they age.

“IF we don’t get to play (basketball), why stage basketball at all?” Former Philippine Olympic Committee president Celso Dayrit offered this view in the light of the continuing cage controversy which is threatening to leave the Philippines without a team in the 23rd Southeast Asian Games.

“Let’s not give another country the chance to win the gold medal that is surely ours,” he told the Inquirer.
Dude, nobody cares about SEAG caging anymore. Watching the Philippine team beating Vietnam in basketball by 30 points is about as exciting as watching water evaporate.

And what the hell are we doing hosting a stupid (but very expensive) sports event while “More than 15 million people in rural Philippines are dying of hunger."

What is it with basketball that we can't seem to go on living without it? Fine, we used to dominate in Asia, so what? Look, we can't ever, EVER excel in basketball even if the world gives us a thousand year headstart. Our pro ballers are underachieving, bratty, millionaire slackers who only play hard when their multi-million peso contracts are expiring.

Isn't it better to spend all these million peso salaries of idiotic cagers in alleviating poverty and promoting education? Why must we host the SEAG? Will the SEAG help improve our economy? Will a hundred gold medals help pay our national debt? Priorities, people, priorities.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The master rapper

Francis Magalona, Francism, Yo, FM--The master rapper of the Philippines has a blog.

He posts:

I'm a father of 8 and aside from being a television personality, I am also into album producing, song writing and film making.

Yo! Yo! Yo!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Very conservative China

Do you find anything offensive about the pictures above? The 28 year old Chinese chick above actually risked being put in the slammer because she posted these "suggestive" photos in her blog.

Wired News reports:

She is seen as a pioneer pushing the boundaries of traditional media controls but in the process has become a target of government censors in the tightly controlled country.

Sister Furong started the craze by posting pictures of herself -- draped back-down over a stone ball, bent at the knees with her chest thrust out suggestively and in other poses -- on internet bulletin boards of two top Beijing universities to which she had tried but failed to gain entrance.

The shots, and accompanying captions and passages she wrote proclaiming her own beauty and talent, became a campus sensation.

But when her cult status began to sweep the whole country, Beijing stepped in.

"They've cracked down on me," Sister Furong, a 28-year-old girl next door whose real name is Shi Hengxia, told Reuters.

In late July, authorities told the country's top blog host to move Furong-related content to low-profile parts of the site. Her pictures can still be found online, but links to them and chatrooms about her have disappeared from the front pages of major web portals.

I guess commies can conduct genetic matching to make their army and athletes bigger and stronger, but they can't let their women look "immodest" in the internet. Apparently, tanks running over student activists is allowed, but not picture of women posing "inappropriately."

God, I'm so lucky that I live in a democratic country--oops! Did I say democracy? I meant anarchy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hey there otaku

I really have nothing to say. I'm not yet back to blogging form but I will be later.

So, this blog is still getting about 20-30 hits on an average. Most of this hits are for manga scanlations. Majority of the people who want to find manga scanlations can't seem to find the links they need. This is because they don't use the nav bar (the little bar on top of this site). That bar actually Google searches this whole site, so it's very useful.

If you still can't find the scanlation links you want, I suggest you check out the January 2005 archives. That month is where I posted majority of my scanlations links.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blog break

I said in my early post that I'm job hunting. Well, I'm still job hunting and will be away from this blog thing for a couple or so months.

My immediate goal is to find a good job before the year ends. Damn, my days are like in fast forward when I'm hunting. It feels like everybody and everything is moving, except me. That's the feeling of being left out.

It's not that bad, really. We're almost break even in business, and soon we will have a helper.

Regarding manga/anime etc... I have to say that I'm quite out of the loop for months now. Great scanlations are popping all over the net. A lot of rom releases are also sprouting all around. I can't promise anything, but after I get a job, I'll find some cool roms that you may want.

It feels great to write about stuff to my millions of imaginary readers. Ha ha!
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