Tuesday, August 30, 2005

No basketball in SEAG?

Philippine sport leaders are sure getting very intelligent as they age.

“IF we don’t get to play (basketball), why stage basketball at all?” Former Philippine Olympic Committee president Celso Dayrit offered this view in the light of the continuing cage controversy which is threatening to leave the Philippines without a team in the 23rd Southeast Asian Games.

“Let’s not give another country the chance to win the gold medal that is surely ours,” he told the Inquirer.
Dude, nobody cares about SEAG caging anymore. Watching the Philippine team beating Vietnam in basketball by 30 points is about as exciting as watching water evaporate.

And what the hell are we doing hosting a stupid (but very expensive) sports event while “More than 15 million people in rural Philippines are dying of hunger."

What is it with basketball that we can't seem to go on living without it? Fine, we used to dominate in Asia, so what? Look, we can't ever, EVER excel in basketball even if the world gives us a thousand year headstart. Our pro ballers are underachieving, bratty, millionaire slackers who only play hard when their multi-million peso contracts are expiring.

Isn't it better to spend all these million peso salaries of idiotic cagers in alleviating poverty and promoting education? Why must we host the SEAG? Will the SEAG help improve our economy? Will a hundred gold medals help pay our national debt? Priorities, people, priorities.
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