Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ah, technology

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I was searching for Montreal Canadiens if they ever had six goals in one period in the NHL--Bam!--Look at the targeted web ad. It's about OBGYN service . SCORE!!! -- (^O^)/

I think that Google's Adsense works the same way as any of these targeted ads. Though, I'm thinking of applying for Adsense.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Doraemon is the top cat

Nobita is gay

Astig! What can I say about Doraemon...I watched this anime since college and I will watch it again and again if local stations would replay it.

Doraemon is the blue cat on the picture. He is a cat from the future sent back by the great, great grandson of Nobita to guide the young Nobita in life. According to WIKI, Doraemon appeared in manga form since 1970 and it was turned into anime in 1973.

To make a long review short, Doraemon is a story about a typical elementary school boy, Nobita and all of his struggles as a boy. Most of the time the series is just some useless humorous show, but the stories were full of fantastic stuff that's heart warming and full of lessons about life, love and everything else under the sun.

Considering that Doraemon was really intended for young boys and girls, its popularity to older fans is a testament of its greatness and unique storytelling.

I give this series a 5 out of 5.

If you want a little preview of Doraemon, head to this site for a small collection of Doraemon scanlation.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Another free browser


OffByOne (OB1 for short) has been around the net for a long time so I tried to give it a test run. Well, it's the tiniest browser I've ever run on windows, weighing in at less than 1.44mb. It's one of the safest browser out there as well, why?--It doesn't have java, javascript and flash support. This means no malicious codes can be executed and no stupid pop-ups or pop-unders to deal with.

So how can a browser be useful if it doesn't have support for these nifty java and stuff? Short answer is security, 'coz it leaves no tracks of your cache, history, or surfing habits. It's also great to surf online manga scanlation sites, most of 'em don't use fancy javascript/flash/java to run anyway.

Here's from the OB1site:

Reasons To Use The Off By One Browser

*You want an independent online/offline Web browser that loads and runs quickly and reliably on all Windows systems.

*You need a secure browser that protects your identity when browsing and leaves no track of where you've been.

*You prefer to browse the Web without pop-up, pop-over and pop-under advertising windows.

*You need to distribute a lightweight, consistent browser that behaves identically on all Windows platforms.

*You need a browser that can run directly from a floppy, CD, ZIP etc. without installation.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Japanese emoticons

It's the new year and I'm again adjusting to my new shift, hence the lack of post.

This link is old, but new if you haven't seen it yet. (Al Lowe style, hehe). Here's a link to cool Japanese smileys.

More to come soon. Oh, yeah--have a happy new year.

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