Monday, May 16, 2011

Read Comics (CBR/CBZ) on Your Symbian S60v3 Phone N86

First of all, please be warned that I am not responsible if you brick your Nokia mobile. This is not exactly a hack, all you need to do is install a trialware software to read comics. So here goes.

Please note that I am using a Nokia N86 8MP phone. This kind of phone is OS 9.1 but it might as well be an S60v3 phone. For Nokia touch devices or ^3 phones, just download and Google for TouchComic 1.91. TouchComic is a great program for Nokia touch phones but it's not very ideal for non-touch phones like we have.

First thing you need to install is X-Plore. This app is a file manager with a shit ton of features. It can read text files, it can unzip, it can unrar, and it can even play some video formats quite well. This app is not free but it is trialware. However, your trial does not end. The app just has a 3 second nag when started and ended. That's not a very irritating nag, but if you have money, please buy the product and support the author.

Now that you have X-Plore installed, all you need is to download a CBR or CBZ file. Once in your phone, fire up X-Plore and locate the CBR/CBZ file. Rename the CBZ file to zip and rename the CBR file to rar. Now, after that, X-Plore will be able to read the files inside the archives.

Just click on the picture file (JPG), X-Plore will display the picture. Now this is where X-Plore comes in very handy more than the built-in Nokia picture explorer - hot keys. Once the picture (the comic page) is displayed, you can zoom in the page to read the word balloons using the number 5 on your keypad. To zoom out just press 0. To go to the next page, just press 3.

Isn't this awesome. The cool thing about X-Plore is that it will also remember the folder that you were before after you exit the app. This makes it the best comic book reader for our Nokia Symbian phone. 

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Playstation Emulator ePSxe Works in Ubuntu Wine

I tried to install native Playstation One emulators for Ubuntu (in my case Jolicloud), but they are way slower. So in desperation I tried to use ePSxe for Windows in Wine. It works beautifully. I used Peops Soft Driver 1.8 for the graphics plug in and I used SPU core or Peops Sound plug in for the sound. It works great in Wine even faster than the native PSX emulator and PSXr. I may have the wrong configuration on the native emulators, but I won't bother with them for the moment because I have something that works fine now.

If you need a PSX emulator, just Google for it and you'll find a shit ton of them. 

I'm playing Final Fantasy IX in the emulator and it works great. I just can't get into the game. The truth is, after I beat Dragon Quest 3, I can't seem to get into any game anymore. Hm, video game burn out part a hundred, maybe?
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