Thursday, May 05, 2011

Playstation Emulator ePSxe Works in Ubuntu Wine

I tried to install native Playstation One emulators for Ubuntu (in my case Jolicloud), but they are way slower. So in desperation I tried to use ePSxe for Windows in Wine. It works beautifully. I used Peops Soft Driver 1.8 for the graphics plug in and I used SPU core or Peops Sound plug in for the sound. It works great in Wine even faster than the native PSX emulator and PSXr. I may have the wrong configuration on the native emulators, but I won't bother with them for the moment because I have something that works fine now.

If you need a PSX emulator, just Google for it and you'll find a shit ton of them. 

I'm playing Final Fantasy IX in the emulator and it works great. I just can't get into the game. The truth is, after I beat Dragon Quest 3, I can't seem to get into any game anymore. Hm, video game burn out part a hundred, maybe?
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