Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some bittorrent thoughts

The first Bittorrent client I used exclusively was Bitcomet. This client is the fastest that I've ever used, however, Bitcomet got into some controversy with a lot of trackers that prompted these torrent sites to ban them.

That's where I tried to experiment with Utorrent, a compact client that used to be pretty fast. Unfortunately, advance version of Utorrent made it a bane to use on dial-up, somehow it got slower when downloading certain torrents.

I immediately switched to Azureus, thereafter. It downloaded torrents fast enough for me, but there's something about Azureus that did not suit me well. It could be because of its huge memory usage, and along with Firefox, it just slows my PC down.

So now I just made a complete 360 degree turn and ended up with Bitcomet again. Not that I'm complaining. I think that some trackers still bans Bitcomet, but so far I have not found a torrent a can't download with this client.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Final Fantasy 1&2 - Dawn of souls, a capsule revie...

I think I posted in this blog during college that I will finish Final Fantasy 2j for the nes. Well since I finished the original FF1 nes, I kinda want to skirt all the frustration and self-inflicted torture of finishing FF2j. So I cheated and just finished the easier and prettier FF2 version of the GBA.

The GBA version of FF2j is very easy, though it still follows the original level-up concept of the original sequel (ie use sword a hundred times, your skill goes up etc..), but it is considerably manageable. All you have to do is fight a lot of random battles, and you're sure to get stronger and be ready for the dungeons and the bosses. Although if you are not leveled-up properly, you'll get an ass-kickin' from the bosses, or worse get your party wiped out in a tough dungeon. But it's easy to know when to level up, like when a single monster in a certain area takes all of your party members to kill.

Chaos Emperor: Weren't you the four kids that died in your very first battle? Curses! It's so hard to find good help these days.

Chaos Emperor: Alright, you mother-bitches, time to get a taste of hell. Why the hell are you standing on the smooth side of the floor? Jeez, this is my home but I still get treated like dirt. I get no respect at all! Ouch! One of them icicles just pierced my balls!

Chaos Emperor: Ah shit, screw you! Just hit me with your most powerful spells and your legendary weapons that you have conveniently found in this very dungeon and let's get this over with. Remember Chaos will be back in Final Fantasy 26... oh wait, I think it's the Chocobo that the developers were planning to bring back. Damn you!

Well, go get Dawn of souls. It's a fun game if nothing else.

Zoundry beta - is a good blog editor

Jeez, Qumana was such a nice software until the 3.0 version. It just sucks now, though I'm willing to switch back again if they improve the old versions to support Blogger beta.

I've been checking out another blog editor called Zoundry. My last 2 posts were done using Zoundry and I couldn't be any happier. It's pretty fast and quick for a beta, and it hasn't crashed on me yet.

Anyway, check out this blog editor. It will definitely save you time. You can download a Blogger beta compatible version here.

Shadowrun (Sega Genesis) - a fun RPG

The graphics is teh ugly.

Shadowrun is a fun little game for the Sega Genesis that could be one of the first "sandbox game" (think GTA) made for a console game. According to this Wikipedia entry, it's the closest videogame adaptation of the Pen and Paper Shadowrun RPG to date. And I believe it is, since I also played pen and paper Shadowrun back in the day.

Gameplay consists of two parts - the overworld and cyberspace. In the overworld you will be able to fight in real-time using your guns or fists, basically this where you kick ass. In cyberspace, you hack into secured computer systems of corporation with varying degrees of security measures.

I have to say that you need a lot of patience to finish this underdog because you really have to make hundreds of runs to get good cyberware and a competent deck for hacking. That said, the graphics does not add anything to the game since it's butt-ugly but everything else makes up for this negative. It's still a fun console game that feels like a PC game. You can go about however you want to since it's pretty much open-ended, unlike your Phantasy Stars or Final Fanasties.

Go get the game here, and please enjoy.

Click here to read my Shadowrun revisited article.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Internet trouble and stuff

Internet trouble due to a lot of factors but mainly due to Milenyo. However, I will update as often as I can about the businesses that I'm planning to open in the next few months.

The Q-Ads below that I said I would try needs to be put in the back seat, since I no longer support the new version of Qumana. It has become Java-based and what it comes down to is - Java = memory hog = clunky. I'll switch back to Qumana if I fail to find a better blog editor.

I'm currently using Zoundry beta, which is a compatible blog editor for Blogger beta. I'm still testing it but so far so good.

Meanwhile, just head over to Dericks's site for some laughs.

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