Friday, October 27, 2006

Final Fantasy 1&2 - Dawn of souls, a capsule revie...

I think I posted in this blog during college that I will finish Final Fantasy 2j for the nes. Well since I finished the original FF1 nes, I kinda want to skirt all the frustration and self-inflicted torture of finishing FF2j. So I cheated and just finished the easier and prettier FF2 version of the GBA.

The GBA version of FF2j is very easy, though it still follows the original level-up concept of the original sequel (ie use sword a hundred times, your skill goes up etc..), but it is considerably manageable. All you have to do is fight a lot of random battles, and you're sure to get stronger and be ready for the dungeons and the bosses. Although if you are not leveled-up properly, you'll get an ass-kickin' from the bosses, or worse get your party wiped out in a tough dungeon. But it's easy to know when to level up, like when a single monster in a certain area takes all of your party members to kill.

Chaos Emperor: Weren't you the four kids that died in your very first battle? Curses! It's so hard to find good help these days.

Chaos Emperor: Alright, you mother-bitches, time to get a taste of hell. Why the hell are you standing on the smooth side of the floor? Jeez, this is my home but I still get treated like dirt. I get no respect at all! Ouch! One of them icicles just pierced my balls!

Chaos Emperor: Ah shit, screw you! Just hit me with your most powerful spells and your legendary weapons that you have conveniently found in this very dungeon and let's get this over with. Remember Chaos will be back in Final Fantasy 26... oh wait, I think it's the Chocobo that the developers were planning to bring back. Damn you!

Well, go get Dawn of souls. It's a fun game if nothing else.

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