Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some bittorrent thoughts

The first Bittorrent client I used exclusively was Bitcomet. This client is the fastest that I've ever used, however, Bitcomet got into some controversy with a lot of trackers that prompted these torrent sites to ban them.

That's where I tried to experiment with Utorrent, a compact client that used to be pretty fast. Unfortunately, advance version of Utorrent made it a bane to use on dial-up, somehow it got slower when downloading certain torrents.

I immediately switched to Azureus, thereafter. It downloaded torrents fast enough for me, but there's something about Azureus that did not suit me well. It could be because of its huge memory usage, and along with Firefox, it just slows my PC down.

So now I just made a complete 360 degree turn and ended up with Bitcomet again. Not that I'm complaining. I think that some trackers still bans Bitcomet, but so far I have not found a torrent a can't download with this client.

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