Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rudra no Hihou SNES ROM translation

Treasure of the Rudras or Rudra no Hihou is an SNES RPG released only in Japan. Fortunately for us, the good folks at Aeon Genesis translated the ROM. Now, English speaking folks can play through the whole game.

Rudras is not a regular RPG because of the magic system. You actually need to write the magic you learn. For example, you can learn Healing Magic if you know the code word for it. So say, HEAL is the code word. In order for you to use it, you have to type it out of battle.

My description can be confusing, so just try out the game and you'll see for yourself.

Get the rom here from Fanatsy Anime.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The best retrogaming website

GOG or Good Old Games has been around the abandonware scene for some time. Now, they have gone legit with their operation. You can purchase old games for as little as $5.99. They have old greats like Fallout, Simon the sorcerer, and a whole lot more for sale, and all compatible with XP or Vista - DRM-free!

I know that a lot of people know about GOG by now, but I just want to post this to show my support for the company's DRM-free policy. I plan to buy Fallout 2 in a couple of months. But first, I'm trying out Beneath a steel sky just because it's for free right now.

Home of the Underdogs is back

From Gnome's Lair and Abandonia.

I saw on Metafilter a couple of weeks ago about HOTU's demise. But you just can't keep a good website down. Just too much history and good stuff.

So, HOTU is back, and the salvaging of the site is still ongoing. This is great news. I have been a fan of HOTU since '04 or '05. See! I can't even remember when I started following this site. That's a testament to how long I've been a fan of HOTU.

Very good news for me and all retro gaming fans out there.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Romulation is a great PSX ISO source

Romulation has been around for ages. But sometime a couple or so years ago they had a major revamp and updated their site. Now, they have almost every retro gaming console roms, including pre-patched translated Japanese ROMs for the NES and SNES. 

They also have Nintendo DS ROMS, PSX ISOs, and a lot of Dreamcast ISOs available.

The only catch 22 is that you need to register an account before you can download anything. Hey, why not register, anyway. They have a great and vibrant community that you will surely enjoy.

Not much geekery going on

Image Credit: Kevin

Not a lot of geekery going on this past couple of months. A lot of changes are going on in meat space, and I can hardly cope up. 

This post will be a wish list of the games that I want to play, the books I want to read, and some of the geekery that I miss.

1. Play the SNES translated rom Dragon Quest V.

2. Finish Townsmen 2 gold.

3. Finish reading Watchmen.

4. Finish reading Preacher.

5. Play Dragon Quest 1, 2, 3, 4 for the NES.

As you can see, I have a lot of things to finish. I just don't have the time to do it. Plus, I seem to be multi-tasking like a crazy person. I never believed in multi-tasking. Makes me wonder why I do it. 

Crazy world.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Oregon Trail - J2me

This game is a classic in hand held form. If you have a Java phone, be sure to pick up this game. True to the classic, you're a pioneer on a voyage to get to Willamette Valley. The game is challenging on the harder levels, but it's guaranteed to very fun.

Well, looks like it's another great and insightful post coming from me. Just play the game and go away.

The URL changes cost me

I might have caused some Google penalties when I changed URL. My pagerank might have gone down once I used redirected temporarily 302. I hope that when I changed to 301 I can get the Google juice I need for this site.

I'm sick of Google, but what can a voiceless, little person like me do?

Street Fighter - the legend of Chun Li

How to suck at making movies? How to make Kristen Kreuk look ugly? How not to include the most important characters in the lore (Ryu & Ken)?

Castlevania - Aria of sorrow J2me

If you played Aria of Sorrow for the GBA, this game is almost similar to that experience. Castlevania mobile is a typical action/RPG hybrid akin to Symphony of the Night.

Basically, you start out as a weakling with a knife. As you progress, you will gain levels and new weapons to conquer much more difficult enemies as you delve deeper into the dungeon.

I did not pay a lot of attention to the storyline. All I did was play the game to kill some monsters.

This game is a great mobile game. Very fun gameplay. Plus you can save anywhere, as is the nature of the mobile game beast. Give this one a try.

Dragonball Z - Live action movie

Oh, good god! Why?

Friday, March 20, 2009

What the heck happened?

I screwed up the total DNS control amd MX record of this site. Stay tuned. But for now, you can visit this site by typing in your favorite browser.

Have a nice stay here. Please explore the archive for more information. Or just leave. You ungrateful bastards. :)

Update: Fixed it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wubi - dual boot Ubuntu & Windows

Wubi is a Windows application that can instantly dual boot any Ubuntu flavors inside of Windows (XP & Vista). If you want to try a non-destructive way to have a dual boot Linux setup, then Wubi is for you.

Basically, Wubi installs Ubuntu on a virtual disk. This means that you don't even need to partition your hard drive to ext3. It's a great way to get your feet wet on Linux.

Try it now! It's the easiest way to dual boot Linux & Windows (XP or Vista).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Manga Volume - lots of manga scanlations

Manga Volume is another you can read manga online site. They have a lot of manga scanlations online that you can also download. 

The interface is not as good sa Manga Fox, but you are getting free manga. What more do you want?

I know that I'm rambling. If you are still reading this - why? Go to the site now and read some manga. It will rot your brain - maybe.

Might & Magic mobile

Just finished Might & Magic mobile on my old Nokia 6230. It's really a great action-adventure game. It's not an RPG as some other review sites would tag it.

Allow me to link to other website with cool screenshots and a detailed review. This is a great game. Go grab it now if you can.

More screenshots on Gamespot.

A good in-depth review on Midlet-Review.
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