Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Play Old Sierra Online Adventure Games

I know that you remember those old Sierra Online graphic adventure games. Well, with, you can relive those old times playing adventure games at no cost.

Personally, my favorite Sierra Online graphic adventure is Space Quest. Thank goodness I can play these games again.

Aside from King's Quest and Space Quest, you can also play the Larry games as well as the Police Quest series. Go give it a try, they are all really good.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Play Old Infocom Text Adventures Online

I remember finishing Wishbringer back in the day. Wishbringer is the only Infocom text adventure that I can tolerate. The fact that this game was easier than your average Infocom adventure helped a lot.

Well, if you want to play Zork, The Lurking Horror, Planetfall and other Infocom classic online, just head on over to this link here.

Man, it's nostalgia time whenever I remember having a pen and paper just to map out the town in Wishbringer. At least try one game. Give it a chance and relive the classic text adventures of yore.
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