Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blog break

I said in my early post that I'm job hunting. Well, I'm still job hunting and will be away from this blog thing for a couple or so months.

My immediate goal is to find a good job before the year ends. Damn, my days are like in fast forward when I'm hunting. It feels like everybody and everything is moving, except me. That's the feeling of being left out.

It's not that bad, really. We're almost break even in business, and soon we will have a helper.

Regarding manga/anime etc... I have to say that I'm quite out of the loop for months now. Great scanlations are popping all over the net. A lot of rom releases are also sprouting all around. I can't promise anything, but after I get a job, I'll find some cool roms that you may want.

It feels great to write about stuff to my millions of imaginary readers. Ha ha!
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