Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A great start page

The site is called Protopage and it's awesome. It is designed using AJAX with the purpose of putting links and sticky notes in one little website, for easy access. I have tried other start pages like and Netvibes. Both sites are great, but Protopage owns them.

The Protopage site is basically filled with a combination of movable sticky notes and links panel.
The beauty of this site is its customizability. You can make it look like whatever you want. Just put some links, notes or reminders on the page and you can position it anywhere you want.
You can add pictures for wallpapers or your personal pictures. Plus, it can even run an RSS feed for your news fix.

If you work as an internet researcher, this page is a big help. Just go and visit the site now. You can try the service free of charge, and I know you will like it.
Free and useful--a great combination.

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