Thursday, November 10, 2005

Windupdate malware


I rarely ever use our family PC, but when my own PC crashed yesterday (Thanks Mr. Gates!) I was forced to use it.

I opened the family PC and lo and behold, malware alerts started popping out of the Microsoft Antispyware. The malware was identified as Winadtools or Windupdate, a trojan/malware that I thought I removed from our family PC last year. Yeah, you heard it--last year.

The family PC was not completely paralyzed, but it turned into a semi-zombie PC, sending out and downloading stuff without permission. It disabled the anti-virus updater and it disabled firewall protection. Damned, it wasn't pretty.

So instead of surfing for pleasure, I was forced to find ways to remove this pest. The link below is a guide I found on how to remove this damned program from your system.

This is a link to WDLsoftware. Sincere thanks to you guys for showing the trick to removing this useless crap.

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