Sunday, November 27, 2005

My favorite comics writer

My idol, Chuck.

One of my childhood dream is to become a comic book artist. When I was younger, I usually read the common Superman, Batman, and Spiderman comics. Reading them filled me with a sense of adventure that no other medium can ever do.

In the early days I admired artists like Kirby, Ditko, Buscema and other great comic artist. In the 80's to the 90's, there was luminaries like Byrne, Romita, Ross and the young guns like Lee, McFarlane, Liefield and artists from Image.

The rise of Image, with all there stunning visuals, made me realize that a comic book is not just about great aesthetics. Image comics, though made by great artists, didn't click with me because of the shallow charaterizations and overall crappy writing. This made me admire comic writers toe-to-toe with comic artists.

The man above is my favorite comics writer, Chuck Dixon. Dixon put a spell on me when he took the reigns of Robin, some Batman titles, and Nightwing. Sure, he may not have won any Eisner, but he epitomizes a writer who can show you why you love comics in the first place.

Mr. Dixon, thanks for the incredible stories that has made some of the worst days of my life a little bit tolerable. Thanks for bringing back some life to the characters that I love. And lastly, thanks for inspiring me to write.

I hope to goodness that you get back to the Bat titles. Well, maybe you won't go back since you have a lot of independent or freelance stuff in the works, but hey, I can dream. [Edit: Hmmm. I think he's back in DC, but I bought some Robin comics last week and he wasn't the writer...]
Now get back to your typewriter and spin us fans a good yarn!

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