Friday, August 31, 2007

Maxthon + Blogex + IeSpell = goodbye FF

I've been using an IE shell called Maxthon since it was MYIE.  I find it very functional and responsive, just right for my power-surfing needs.  I know it's IE and I know the dangers of surfing with IE.  Hey, I live on the razor edge all the time anyway--not really.  But Maxthon just kicks Firefox's butt out of contention.  Maxthon opens faster, has a smaller memory footprint, has plug-ins, and a lot of stuff that I can't enumerate here. 

The big minus for Maxthon is the IE engine, but soon that will be solved when Maxthon version 2 will support the Gecko engine.  I'm not holding my breath, but whatever, it could still happen.  I have nothing against Firefox except my computer is about 10 years old and can barely run the damn thing. 

I love Firefox, but Maxthon is much more practical for me to use as of now.  In fact, I'm blogging right now with Maxthon using Blogex 1.2.0., plus IeSpell.  That's all I need in my browser.  So if you love to live in constant fear of viruses and spyware, join us Maxthonites.  I love to live dangerously.

Note:  Maxthon is actually much safer than plain-vanilla IE since it has patched most of IE's flaws.   

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