Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zelda 1 - done and done

Oi, Zelda rocks! Finally finished the darn thing. This game is huge at about 128 screens all in all and about 125 of them you can access without any equipment. The start of the game basically dumps you in front of a cave. FTW! What the hell are you supposed to do? There's no instructions other than a thin plot Uwe Boll will be proud of.

So I got me some FAQS and a map and just basically followed the FAQ almost to the letter. I must say, without the FAQ, the map, and the save state of emulators, I wouldn't have finished this game. It's that hard--at least for me.

See that dust to the right of Link? That's the remains of Ganon after eating one silver arrow. Don't mess with an elf carrying a silver arrow, you bastards!

Edit: Imageshack lost my screenshots.
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