Friday, November 21, 2008

Nokia 128x128 - s40 games

Hello all of you with old Nokia s40 handsets. I have a treat for you today. I just found some sites with new 128x128 - s40 games for you to enjoy for free.

1. Getjar - A lot of free games and commercial games you can buy.

2. Peperonity - Quite a lot of new games here. Where the heck did this guy get his free stuff?

3. Howard Forums - Great cellphone forum for all mobile phones. Quite a lot of games here. You can search the forum for more games other than this one thread.

4. Nokia Gamez - Quite a lot of s40 games and a lot of other games for modern phones.

5. Nokia Special - New games like Gangstar Crime City and Casino Royale for s40 - 128x128 Nokia phones. Also has a lot of other games for modern Nokia models.
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