Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Black Cat

Train Heartnet was the most fearsome assassin of the new world order organization called Chronos. Dubbed as the Black Cat because of the surefire mistfortune he can bring to his targets, Heartnet realized that he was not cut out to be an assassin anymore, and after a life-changing experience with a sweeper, he vowed never to kill again.

Armed with his handgun, Hades, Heartnet goes against Chronos to live a life of a bounty hunter. Together with former International Bureau of Investigation (IBI) agent, Sven Vollfield, Heartnet brings his awesome marksmanship to become just another sweeper. With enemies that have superhuman powers, will Vollfield's inventions and Heartnet's skills be enough to survive their newfound partnership?--You must read on to find out.

Black Cat is a fun, albeit unlicensed, shonen manga. If you want to read the scanlation of this light-hearted comic just go to Stop Tazmo for chapter d/l.
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