Friday, October 28, 2005

Kei Kurono in Gantz

Gantz is a popular manga that is serialized in Young Jump in Japan. This series is obviously for adults (sex, violence, cuss) and will not likely be a candidate for syndication in my country or in the USA. Here's Wikipedia's take on the title:

Gantz is a manga and anime series created by
Hiroya Oku. Gantz tells the story about a young boy named Kei Kurono who dies in
a train accident and becomes part of a semi-Posthumous "game" in which he, and
several other people who have recently died have to hunt down, and kill, an
alien target. Gantz ran for 13 episodes, and had a direct sequel called Gantz
Second Stage, which continued the series for another 13 episodes. Both seasons
make up the 26 episode series.

The manga is excellent. It was made by Hiroya Oku, pioneering (I think) an innovative process than regular manga creation. The process involves creating the background and other inanimate objects on a computer, but the characters are drawn in the regular pencil and ink way. In the WIKI, it was stated that this process was also duplicated with the anime, though the anime is much hated because of the obvious censorships.

This manga is definitely not for kids. The amount of sex and violence in this series is quite emphasized, but this is not the reason that Gantz is so popular. The art, story, and the action sequences of this title is awesome.

This post is getting quite lengthy. What the heck are you still doing here? Read Gantz, now!
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