Saturday, June 24, 2006

Best rom translation and hacking site

This site is the best rom hacking and translation site

It's almost since I started on the internet that I've been an emulation afficionado. On the early days The Whirpool was the best emulation site when it comes to rom translations. Now from the creators of The Whirpool comes , a completely redesigned upgrade to the old site, with better UI and an active community.

Here's the latest post from
After years of work it’s finally done! Now all of the Enix NES games can be played in English.

Awesome news! I'm sure gonna get some of 'em patches for my NES emu. The latest Enix patch is for The Portopia serial murder case, the first freaking adventure game for the NES. Emulation junkies, let's go get the patch, forward ho!

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