Thursday, June 29, 2006

LieroX is better than Counter Strike


Liero Xtreme is a fun remake/sequel of the original Liero

When I still had my Windows 98 box there's this fun but little-known game called Liero. Liero is like Worms but instead of turn-based combat, Liero is real-time like Quake, Counter Strike or Doom, just 2d and 8-bit.

But alas, Win XP can't even load Liero now. Fortunately, there's Liero Xtreme, a fan made sequel that works on XP and adds a lot of other new features to the game.

Like Counter Strike, there are different kind of games for LieroX: Deathmatch, Game of Tag or Capture the Flag. The AI for Liero bots is somewhat weak (but still fun) that's why the program is more suited for multiplayer, plus you can also challenge a friend for a duel on the same keyboard (a little cramped though).

Liero Xtreme is in beta and may crash on you. Just re-install the game if you have any problems 'coz that seems to fix crashes for me. Yeah, I'm a hardcore Liero fan.
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