Thursday, July 13, 2006

Free graphic adventure games

My history with adventure games

It was around highschool when my aunt from New York sent me a Lucas Arts adventure games collection. That was when I was introduced to graphic adventure games. The game pack has all the classic Lucas Arts graphic adventures like Loom, Zak McKraken, Maniac Mansion, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Indiana Jones and the last crusade.

At first, I hated this kind of game, hell, I was walking around the freaking rooms in Maniac Mansion and I had no idea what to do. Maybe it was because Nintendo games were so popular during that time, you know, games that don't really require solving puzzles. In the end, I was stupid enough to ignore this genre until I played Loom. Loom was probably the first adventure game, or could be the very first PC game, that I have ever finished. Loom is the catalyst for my eventual addiction to Lucas Arts adventure games and adventure games in general.

It wasn't until college that I'll get to play a Sierra adventure game. I didn't even know that Sierra pre-dated Lucas Arts for about 5 or so years. The first Sierra game I've played was Leisure Suit Larry VGA. If you don't know what Leisure Suit Larry is, you're probably below 25, in which case I suggest that you go find it somewhere and play it. For a long time, I thought that Larry was the funniest Sierra title, but then I found Space Quest in the 90's. During that time abandonware sites were all over the web so I downloaded Space Quest 1 to 3 and I fell in love with it. Space Quest was just the funniest title of the genre and for me it was even funnier than Monkey Island.

Well, with all of that said, this post has nothing to do with nostalgia. But if you want to play adventure games click this link for a good collection of freeware (some commercial, some indy) adventure games.

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