Thursday, March 16, 2006

Playstation emulation

Since college I have been playing old console games (nes, genesis, snes) emulated on my PC. Recent technology has allowed me to play my old Sony Playstation CD's on my PC. It wasn't an easy road since most PSX emulators can't run on WinXp under a Pentium 4 chipset, fortunately I found a fix to play Connectix Virtual Game Station for WinXp and Pentium 4. Below are relevant links to help you play PSX games on your PC:

1. Full version CVGS (PSX emulator)
2. VGS XP video patch (Fix for WinXp, P4, and everything else)
3. Daemon tools (Virtual cd, makes games faster unlike reading the cd-rom)

There you go, if you've used a computer for about 1 year, you'll have no trouble using the programs above. Don't email me that VGS sucks 'coz <insert name of PSX emu here> is better. I just like VGS, noob.

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