Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mouse anime

Mouse Chu Mouse!

This anime is crazy. Imagine an oversexed Lupin III and 3 willing Fujiko's always begging for love.

Muon Sorata is just your ordinary college student by day, but his alter-ego is the great thief, Mouse. Mouse is so badass that his legacy is passed from father to son in every Muon generation. Legend has it that Mouse can steal anything, so he opens the first episode by stealing the whole museum when he only wanted one item from the building, great!

Sorata has 3 subordinates or slaves, as they want to be called: Momozona Mei, a computer and physics expert; Kuribayashi Yaoi, a chemistry expert; and Kakio Hazuki, an agile fighter, good at combat and sports(Info from AniDB). They're sex hungry, loyal servants begging for Mouse's sexual attention every minute.

This hilarious series has a lot of ecchi, action, and laughs. Nydia and I enjoyed laughing out loud to this anime, although it's not the funniest, but sometimes it's inadvertently funny. Not for kiddies, ok.

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