Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Testing Writely

Yup, I'm testing www.Writely.com again since I can't download anything to save my life around here in the office. Qumana is a great blogging tool but I can't install here. This post is a test. If this appears in the frontpage then the test is a success.

Enough about tests, I'm also here to present to you the blog of Derick , it's called "Derick versus the stupidity of the world." First let us analyze the title: "Derick" - this is usually a name given to a person; "stupidity of the world" - the "world" is where persons usually reside, right? So the title says it all: Derick's blog is about making out of this world comments about things ranging from the idiotic to civil rights and press freedom. Derick will fight for your right! Now go and send him hate mail.

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