Friday, March 10, 2006

Emulation gaming again

Guess I have to eat my words now. I posted earlier that the gaming bug's poison is out of my system, but here I am playing Shin Megami Tensei for the Snes. The game was originally Japanese but was translated by Aeon Genesis led by the great Gideon Zhi. I have to say that this game is very difficult and may require more patience than most RPGs, so get ready to dungeon crawl and beat the crap out of monsters from extremely frequent random encounters.

For a basic idea of MegaTen, read this article from Hardcore Gaming 101 to see screenshots and a lot of extensive information about the series, the 3rd most influential RPG in Japan next to DQ and FF.

There, I'm back gaming again after almost 3 plus years. For good or for ill?
Who knows.

You can get the translated rom here. You can use Snes9x or Zsnes for emulators but I found that Zsnes has some text glitches on the menu, not a big thing just use Snes 9x. Now, back to the game!

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