Monday, March 06, 2006

The bacteria will resist

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This is a strange article - "Anitbacterial soaps may offer little protection against germs and could even be producing more powerful strains of bacteria, according to doctors. "

I guess no matter how much we fight bacteria they just get stronger and stronger:

"Doctors are particularly concerned that antibacterial soaps could be contributing to the growing problem of drug resistant bacteria.This may be because it is killing the weakest bacteria, leaving the tougher, hard-to-kill strains dominant."

All this time we may have been living in a false sense of security. I'm sure all of these big manufacturers have research and developement teams with millions in budget that would conclude the same thing but then are not obligated to disclose such data even if it will slowly kill innocent consumers.

Sigh - may the almighty $$$ bless you all.
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