Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The souls of the dead and the machine merge to become a living weapon of the devil.

This title is still a new scanlation effort. According to Manga News the scanlation so far for this manga is up to chapter 34.

D.Gray-man is a supernatural thriller (a little “shonenized” though) that yet again, pits the powers of good against the devil. According to exorcist lore, the devil, through a certain “Earl of the Millenium,” is making an akuma (demon) out of every hopeless and desperate people of the earth to usher the end of the world. The akuma is the devil’s weapon (part machine) that can evolve, gain experience and power when it kills people.

Allen Walker is the main character of this series. He’s a mysterious 15 year old kid claiming to be an exorcist. His main weapon is an anti-akuma weapon that he calls, a “cross that lives within him.” His immediate motivation seems to be getting rid of akuma’s for him to free the souls of the dead so they can hopefully return to god’s side.

The illustration of the comic is very detailed and clean like most good manga. I have read chapters 1 to 5 of the series, it looks very promising so far. If you like stories about man against the devil, you will surely like this series even though it has a little sci-fi twist to make the plot interesting.

Go to Stop Tazmo for some chapter d/ls.

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