Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Disney Sports Soccer - Gameboy Advance (GBA)

Again, I'm playing games that is not on my 2011 retro gaming list. Not that anybody cares, oh well. I'm playing Disney Sports Soccer for the GBA emulated on my Dingoo a320 of course.

The game is soccer and is designed mainly for people who are not really that familiar with the in-depth rules of soccer. The game just takes a 5 on 5 approach to the game. Your players are lead by Donald, Ben, Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie. The game has a lot to offer in terms of graphics, gameplay, and unlockables. Basically, you can unlock a lot of power ups that will add to your defensive or offensive capabilities by beating stages in the game. This makes the game highly replayable and great for a bite sized game of soccer.

If you have a real Gameboy Advance, you can play head-to-head with a friend. Since I only have it on EMU, I can only play against the somewhat formidable AI. I play as the Sea Ducks because I like Donald Duck to be my star player.

This is a great soccer game by far, better than the realistic soccer games on any system. If you are just a casual soccer game fan, this is a must have for you, even on emulation.
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