Monday, February 28, 2011

My Top Five Best Podcast List for 2011


Here again is my semi-annual, semi-regular top podcast list. This list is highly subjected and is based on my own enjoyment of the shows. The podcasts I will list may not be the best of its kind but they are my favorites nonetheless. Some of these podcasts you might have heard of, but maybe there are some that you might not know yet or might want to try.

Here goes:

1. No Agenda
My favorite podcast this year is definitely, No Agenda, with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. This podcast is a media assassination extravanganza where the two hosts will open your eyes to all the BS of the mainstream media. This is the most worthwhile podcast if you want to learn about the world around you and how media manipulates information for their own benefit. This must be the most anti-establishment duo I have ever heard before and I love them for it. Oh, by the way, I'm still a douchebag (inside joke from the show), hope this helps get me a little karma.

2. Coverville
If you are hungry for great music, you must listen to Coverville. Brian Ibbott is a great host and an even better curator of covers from all around the world. At Coverville, you will hear great covers of famous or not so famous songs. All in all, great music and an auditory treat.

3. Chillcast
Another great music podcast from Mevio. Incidentally, Adam Curry of No Agenda is the founder and president of Mevio - or was before he quit his job and started hitting people in the mouth full-time. Chillcast is a great podcast to unwind to after a day's work or just for chillin' in general. Anjibee, the hostess, is just soothing to the ears, and she really knows what she's talking about when it comes to music.

4. Hypothetical Help
Sott Johnson is fast becoming a podcast master with his Frog Pants Studio network. Hypothetical help is just one of his great offerings. The premise of the podcast is basically a fake advice show. The host, Scott and Turpster dishes out some sage wisdom for anyone brave enough to send an audio question to them. Turpster is the funniest podcasting dude on the net, he should get more podcast work, really. If you have a problem or anything you want help with, ask Hypothetical help and you will get the best advice - or just laugh at how Turpster rips your humanity apart.

5. Geeknights
Rym and Scott, the alpha geeks of the Interwebs are still at it twice a week to give geek entertainment of the highest level. If you are into comic books, manga, anime, linux, programming, and any geekery you can think of, then you have to check this show out. Rym and Scott can be insightful and in depth at times, but more importantly, they are always hilarious during heated debates.

That's it, my top five favorite podcast list for 2011. Hope you get something out of this post. If not, oh well.
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