Friday, October 10, 2008

Cross Over - better than Slam Dunk?

Nope, it's not better than Slam Dunk. However, if you thirst for some basketball manga action, this series has enough to quench it.

Cross Over is a manga made by Kouji Seo. It's about a class A, Junior high with an ambition to join the strongest high school ball club. Along the way he was recruited by very good natured players from the weakest basketball team in Japan.

Which school do you think he'll pick? Answer me. All together now!

Regardless of which team the ace will choose, this manga is fairly run-of-the-mill. I'm just on chapter 18, but if I compare this one to Slam Dunk, it just won't stack up. That may be solely because the main character is not that lovable, and sometimes the fan service cheapens the story a bit.

All in all, the manga is a fun read with lots of action and laughs to while away the boredom of work during office hours. Though, only if you work from home, because some of the fan service may be NSFW.

Read it here.
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