Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gekiga & Sanctuary

After listening to Geeknights, I decided to read Sanctuary on MangaFox. Sanctuary is supposed to be out of print, so all of you self-righteous types can stop cursing my soul to the fires of hell.

Anyway, Sanctuary is a story about two kids who want to change Japan for the better. Basically, one is going on the high road, while the other is going the easier way. I've only read chapter 8 of the series, so that's all the summary you will get from me.

Oh, okay. It's a political manga with lots of Yakuza action. There's nudity for the perverted nerds, though not that much, and only when the story calls for it.

As an aside, I have to say that I still listen to Geeknights even if I don't post on their forum. I'm one of the hundreds of lurkers in there. I just never posted on any forum before, nor will I ever post in the future.  

I also wonder about Gekiga (spelling?) and about Rym & Scott's Gekiga panel. Is there a transcript or audio recording of it out there, somewhere? I really want to listen to that panel. 
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