Thursday, September 18, 2008

My top 5 games from the 2008 Bootleg Demakes

It's official, the 2008 TIGSource Bootleg Demakes is over. I was not able to cast my votes, but if I was a judge, these games would be my top 5.

For people with a moral high ground better than everyone else, bootleg demakes are not pirated games. These are simply remakes of games to look as if they were done on lower-end systems, or at least to look like it. The example in the TIGSource forum is "Cogs of Conflict" a demake of "Gears of War."

So, don't be afraid of burning in hell when you click on the links below. It's all freeware.

Here's a list of my top 5:

5. Buddy Base II - This a deliciously, pixelated demake of Team Fortress II. Look at the NES style screen, so awesome! It looks like a Heavy is shooting it out with a Pyro. Try the game here.

4. Fake Pigs II - This awesome game looks to be a demake of Grand Theft Auto. According to Jimbob, Fake Pigs II is a little Amiga-ish, inspired by Alien Breed.

Alien Breed, by the way, has a remake called Alien Syndrome, also an awesome game that I will play right after this post.

Ed: Nope, Alien Breed is different from Alien Syndrome. See my next post, later.

3. Bootleg Bash - This is an 8-bit demake of Super Smash Bros. The graphics are awesomely done, plus the characters in the game are all parodies of some videogame character.

2. Heroes in Guitarland - Guess what this game is demaking? That's right. This little game is very difficult for a neuro-kinetically challenged person like me, but it's fun. It has cool rock songs (real songs) in 8-bit music that NES fanboys (or girls) will love.

1. Fillauth - Fallout 1 is my favorite CRPG of all time. I finished the first Fallout game more than 5 times back in the day. This is the reason why my number 1 is Fillauth.

The demake is only a demo for now, I hope that Kinten gets enough motivation to finish at least a few scenarios of the game. You can do it Kinten, we believe in you!

If you want to see the complete list of entries for the Bootleg Demakes, just follow this link here. For more freeware games, check out my post here.
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